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Vanuatu 2005

Vanuatu. According to countryaah, Port-Vila is the capital and one of the major cities within the country of Vanuatu. Vanuatu’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sato Kilman visited China in January, the first official visit between the countries following Vanuatu’s controversial recognition of Taiwan in the autumn of 2004. It was then Prime Minister Serge Vohor who suddenly established diplomatic relations with Taiwan, which angered both the government and the other. China. The action forced Vohor to resign. In December 2004, the new Prime Minister, Ham Lini, severed relations with Taiwan and returned to unilateral relations with China. During Kilman’s visit, the Chinese government promised increased aid to Vanuatu.

  • Also see abbreviationfinder.org for how the acronym VU stands for the country of Vanuatu and other meanings of this two-letter abbreviation.

Map of Vanuatu Port Vila

After 18 months of negotiations, Vanuatu and Australia agreed in April on a new five-year development cooperation agreement with a particular focus on agriculture and tourism. During this period, Australia will provide Vanuatu with the equivalent of US $ 1.4 million in aid. During the political chaos in Vanuatu in 2004, Australia, the country’s largest donor, had threatened to withdraw its support.

In July, Prime Minister Ham Lini surprisingly replaced two ministers. One of them was the Minister of Infrastructure and the reason was believed to be a conflict over the composition of the state airline Air Vanuatu’s board. In November another two ministers were replaced. Following a strike on the financially pressured Air Vanuatu in August, about 20 of the more than 100 strikers were dismissed. demanded collective bargaining.