Would Is Be Model in The Year 2015? The Little Conventional Models Take The Footbridge

Following the post about Melanie Gaydos emerged many of your comments (very interesting, by the way) about why the catwalks are committed to different are they really open to diversity, unique models and personality itself or is it only a position to sell more and draw attention, a fad that will pass soon? The truth is that lately not stop receiving news of the fashion weeks on models very different that we are accustomed to see.

The bald model

The unique aspect of Melanie Gaydos It certainly draws attention, especially in fashion photography, is a model that can give much play and allow special images than any other model can. She is conscious of her appearance, and never would have thought that you could dedicate to this work.

The alien model

Knowing that it should stand out and differentiate yourself from the others, in the week of the fashion of London he has participated Neutral grace, a loving model of the tattoos that apart decorate his body to dyeing your eyes with violet ink, which gives it an unreal.

The change of sex

Increasingly there are more transgender fashion models, thus normalizing the sex change. We not only have the most visible case Andreja Pejic, they read T, Hingh Valentijn, or Hari Nef do not stop parade and pose for fashion editorials. All of them are beautiful as women.

Vitiligo was no longer a stigma

It is curious how many models have made their difference its hallmark. This disease that are sure acomplejaba them in childhood has served them to get very far in his work. Winnie Harlow is perfect for Desigual campaigns, and all thanks to the Vitiligo.

With Down syndrome

Madeline Stuart He has participated in the New York fashion week and considers his Down’s syndrome a gift that can change the concept that we have all that is beauty.

The Bionic Woman

Bodies do not have to be perfect, and in the case of Rebekah Marine, their difference is that he has a bionic arm, since he was born without a forearm. But that has not prevented him paraded as one model in the New York fashion week.

Sizes too small or too large

It is perhaps easier to break barrier and at the same time, the most difficult. The fashion models, as the of the parade of Vicotira Beckham, they remain too young and too thin. Far from the standard of adult women and with all kinds of sizes that buy the clothes. Even on the catwalk, we can see women’s large size, as the 46, parading in lingerie, showing off her curves and a body really sexy. Sizes always generate controversy in the fashion.

But as well you yours in your comments What happens with normal women? Those which are not or too beautiful or too ugly, that have an intermediate size, a 40 or a 42. Actually there is opportunity for everyone in fashion or we have a fad that sells diversity because it is what now goes?